[ Brief Introduction ]
Brief Introduction


Mao Yisheng Honors College SWJTU was established in July 2010 and named after Mao Yisheng, an outstanding alumnus and former president of the university. Since its establishment, the college has been dedicated to offering “special training” to the most excellent undergraduate students of SWJTU. The disciplines of traffic and transport at SWJTU top the list all over the country. Given these advantages, the college selects the most outstanding undergraduate students and allocates the most outstanding members of the faculty to offer professional academic courses to them, aiming to cultivate innovative international talents with competence to conduct scientific research, put theory into practice, and lead in their respective fields. “Committed to Engineering, Broad Minded, Academically Prepared, With Outstanding Hands-on Capability, Full of Potential and Highly Creative” is the educational philosophy of the college. Toward this end, the college has created a high-end talent development method and individualized development plan, persevered in the development of international vision and integrated quality education resources. The college badge is the Chinese character"创(chuang)"composed of three letters"M""Y""S", which are Mao Yisheng's Initials. It highlights our educational pholosophy of "Creation".


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