The Academician Qian Qingquan Gave a lecture to the Students of MYSHC.
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At 7:00 p.m. 25th April 2011, Zhuo Yue lecture Hall, presented by Mao YiSheng Honors College, was successfully held on the Student Activity Center. Among those who attended the lecture are the University Provost and executive vice dean Yan Kaiyin, the vice chairman of the college council Panzhe, the chairman of the college League Committee Zhang Changling, the director of teaching management office Zhang Guozheng, the director of comprehensive management office Ke Xiaojun and all the students of Mao Yisheng Honors College. The speaker is Professor Qian Qingquan, the academician of the Chinese Academy Engineering. And the topic is "The Key Technology and Development of China Railway".



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